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Israeli firm granted European Patent for tech for spotting damage to cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being seen as the "secret ingredient" to a multitude of difficult technical problems. In a specific example where AI has been successfully applied to a solution, Ravin AI has developed a product which allows fleet managers to track their vehicles and to determine if any have been damaged. This has a variety of economic benefits. Notably, the company has managed to obtain patent protection for their product in Europe. It is claimed that this is the first patent for drive-by visual inspection. As sectors such as fleet management encounter greater contact with technical solutions, the world of patent protection will impact on their business processes. Anyone who develops tech for fleet management should consider whether patent protection would be a useful strategic tool in selling their ideas to their customers.

“This patent is a significant vote of confidence in our technology as a game changer in vehicle damage assessment,” said Eliron Ekstein, CEO and Co-founder of Ravin AI. “Not only do our algorithms save time by improving analysis efficiency, they also do not interfere with fleet management operations. Our unique technology is already creating a more coherent and trustworthy system of vehicle appraisal for consumers and businesses across the continent, helping fleet managers, insurance firms and car rental agencies streamline their operations and improve customer experience.”


artificial intelligence, transport, digital transformation