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Calling all budding entrepreneurs!

The sixth edition of the University of Cambridge Impulse Programme has recently been announced, and the focus will be on deep tech.

The Impulse Programme, which is based at the Maxwell Centre on the West Cambridge Science and Technology Campus, is a 12-week course that allows participants to accelerate their business idea or venture. A key feature of the programme is to pair participants with mentors who are experienced entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to develop important relationships with people that have previously set up their own businesses and learn essential business skills from them, e.g. how to pitch to investors. The programme also includes learning modules covering topics such as market research, business models and funding sources, in addition to 1-to-1 sessions with a range of business experts.

Along with a number of my colleagues, I have been involved in the Impulse Programme in previous years, offering intellectual property clinics to participants. I have therefore experienced first-hand the high quality business ideas coming from participants and it is clear that the programme provides an ideal springboard to turn those ideas into reality. Indeed, as mentioned in the press release for the 2022 Impulse Programme, alumni of the programme have already raised over £100 million of funding and their ventures have resulted in the creation of numerous jobs.      

Applications for the 2022 Impulse Programme are now open. Further information can be found here.

The unique Impulse Programme supports entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and inventors to accelerate their idea or venture – indeed Impulse alumni have already raised £101 million of funding and their ventures support 392 new jobs.


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