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Hydrogen Acceleration Act in Germany

The hydrogen economy may be taking a giant leap forward in Germany soon as yesterday the German Cabinet passed a new law to make it more simple to secure planning approval for clean hydrogen projects. As noted by the H2 View article below, and as reported widely in the hydrogen news press, this new law, called the Hydrogen Acceleration Act, should enable a rapid development and expansion of the infrastructure for the production, storage and importation of hydrogen.

Such a deregulation of planning practices is a rarity these days, and as such is a breath of fresh air!  Well done Germany. Will we see similar deregulations elsewhere around the world? Certainly the hydrogen economy and all electrolyser developers will be keen to see it!

Hoped to simplify and digitise planning, approval and procurement procedures, the act is intended to reduce regulatory requires and amends various existing laws. Once law, it will give hydrogen infrastructure “overriding public interest” status, allowing authorities to prioritise approval.


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