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M&C in the news: Pond Power: Algae’s role in ending fossil fuels

Ahead of Earth Day and World IP Day next week, which is focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are delighted to see the latest article in our Racing Ahead series featured in The Climate.

Kirsteen Gordon discusses a discovery by Cambridge start-up company, HutanBio, who believe that they have at least one alga that can transform the production of biofuel. The technology focuses on harnessing the long-recognised advantages of alga biofuel. HutanBio’s green alga efficiently photosynthesises CO2 into fuels in bioreactors in the presence of salt water, utilising CO2 as a carbon source and thereby avoiding the utilisation of food crops, deforestation and the use of arable land.

Kirsteen's article can be read in full below, and more information about our Cambridge team can be found on our website.

We urgently need to replace fossil carbon sources with alternatives as part of our response to climate change. Biofuels have long been touted as a possible solution. While these encompass a range of compounds, research efforts have focused primarily on bioethanol, produced from crops such as corn or sugar; biogas from crops, and food and animal waste; biomethanol from, e.g., straw and manure; and, of particular interest, algal fuel. The advantage of algal fuel over most other types of biofuel is that it does not require the use of agricultural land, fresh water, or food crops.


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