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M&C in the news: A boost for ‘micro-entities’ as the EPO lowers barriers

From this week, eligible micro-entities will enjoy a 30% reduction in various patent prosecution fees. This scheme expands support beyond "small entities" to include micro-enterprises with fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover under EUR 2 million, regardless of nationality or domicile. 

The reduced fees apply to common patent fees, benefiting both European patent applications and Euro-PCT applications. Applicants must submit a declaration to the EPO to claim micro-entity status, and it's crucial to maintain eligibility and inform the EPO of any changes. 

Although not as generous as the USPTO's offering, the EPO's new scheme demonstrates a commitment to supporting smaller organisations and fostering innovation on a global scale, a change that is welcomed by Senior Associate Annabel Williams in this article for Global Banking & Finance Review

Whilst the new scheme can’t rival the generosity of the USPTO’s offering of an 80% reduction in various fees for ‘micro entities’, it is nonetheless a positive step for the EPO, demonstrating their recognition of the value in supporting smaller organisations. The EPO’s move to support organisations regardless of their location is a win for global innovation and will be welcomed by micro-entities in a tough economic climate.


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