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| 1 minute read

Singapore gains another cleantech company

Singapore has attracted another innovative European cleantech giant, thereby adding to the ever-growing list of cleantech companies which have found a home in the equatorial city-state. 

Sulzer, the Swiss engineering giant focused on cleantech solutions, has announced the opening of a new Innovation Technology Hub in Singapore's Jurong Innovation District.  The hub is intended to test and deliver clean process technologies to enable sustainable manufacturing in the region, and is said to cover a broad range of technologies including carbon capture, battery and plastic recycling, and production of bio-based chemicals.

It is great to see another company tapping into the highly skilled workforce in Singapore and surrounding countries with a view to enabling a low carbon society.  This also further reinforces Singapore's very strong position in the global cleantech industry, where it is punching above its weight in attracting companies like Sulzer to its verdant shores. 

By attracting innovative companies and supporting innovation, it is possible to build an innovation ecosystem which has a very high potential for growth as the expertise and experience is concentrated in one area, such as in Silicon Valley.  Singapore's very strong banking industry is also an asset to companies looking to innovate and deploy solutions at scale, so it is an ideal place for cleantech to grow.    


Sulzer’s Singapore InTecH will test and deliver clean process technologies to enable sustainable manufacturing in the region.


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