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Further Developments for the Tidal Barrage across the Mersey

Further to my previous commentary on this exciting project, Steve Rotherham has now unveiled advanced plans that confirm Merseyside's intention to develop the world's largest tidal power scheme.

The announcement confirms that the City region will pursue the barrage option (vs. a standalone lagoon), which in addition to harnessing the tide to provide predictable renewable energy for up to 120 years, will provide a new link between Liverpool and the Wirral. This link will be suitable for pedestrians and cyclists and will therefore also help reduce emissions by providing an alterative to the current road and rail connections.

The scheme will now enter the formal planning process and begin its journey from concept to reality. However, it is still early days and the scheme will require government backing and the engagement of a range of stakeholders in the coming years before construction can occur. We will therefore continue to watch this space with interest.

The barrage scheme – the “first of a kind” in the UK – could generate clean, predictable energy for 120 years and create thousands of jobs in its construction and operation.


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