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M&C in the news - The EU's AI Act: Good regulation, bad regulation or somewhere in between?

There is an increasing feeling that the regulators behind the EU’s AI Act should perhaps not be patting themselves on the head for being first out of the regulatory gate, if their aim of protecting the public is outweighed by the damage inflicted because they end up strangling Europe’s AI industry at birth.

Simon Portman and Mike Williams’ co-authored piece that discusses the EU’s AI Act has been published in Beta News. Please do give the piece a read below!

‘No one wants to see the world become a dystopian technocratic police state because AI has permeated every walk of life unobserved and unfettered but we shouldn’t want to see the AI Act become GDPR 2.0 either, especially if more balanced and practical frameworks are brought in elsewhere. Until then, it looks like tech companies in the sector and their advisors are currently facing a re-run of the introduction of GDPR.’


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