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Hybrid hydrogen-electric trains?

With a fascinating blend of technologies, a new bi-mode hydrogen/electric train has begun additional testing in Spain. The testing is being undertaken using a converted CIVIA 463 train, which have been in operation in Spain since 2003. Sporting a blue livery to represent the hydrogen power solution that was seen during the initial testing between Zaragoza and Canfranc since May, these exciting new trains - the FCH2RAIL hydrogen demonstrator train - can now be expected to be seen operating between Torralba and Soria.

This train's hybrid system can operate either as a conventional electric train using catenary power (overhead wires used to supply electricity to the motor of the locomotive) or it can use stored hydrogen and fuel cells and batteries connected to the same motor for likewise operating the train under electric power (with the fuel cell outputting electricity for charging the battery or powering the motor, or both). This allows the train to operate both where catenary power is available and where it isn't, thus enabling lower cost adoption of the system across a rail network. It thus expands the options available for rail transport networks. 

Of particular note with these new trains is the climate friendly credentials: using hydrogen as the onboard fuel, this system effectively becomes a zero emission solution, as the only exhaust gas is steam. Further, as hydrogen can be produced using green electricity from wind turbines or solar power stations via an electrolyser, this novel hybrid system can in theory be a fully green, or zero-carbon, solution when the catenary power is also supplied by green electricity.

We look forward to seeing more of these carbon-reducing solutions  within the various transport sectors! If you are operating in this sector, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our IP experts. 

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Adif, Renfe and CAF have announced that the FCH2RAIL project has begun testing its bi-mode hydrogen demonstrator train on the Torralba-Soria line in Spain.


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