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Lights, camera, Liverpool - the red carpet is set to be rolled out for the city's new TV and film campus

Great to see that Liverpool's television and film campus looks to be moving forward again. 

The plans for the site include 2 new 20,000 sq.ft. studios for big budget productions, and studio support facilities.

Liverpool has become a go to destination for Film and TV productions in recent years and the television and film campus is set to create around 4000 full-time equivalent jobs in the creative sector. 

As the sector in the region continues to grow and new businesses and brands in the creative space spring up, that will no doubt lead to an increase in innovation in the sector and it will be important for businesses to seek advice on the clearance and registration of any associated IP. 

Our Creative Industries Team looks forward to seeing the burgeoning creative sector in Liverpool flourish, and to supporting current and new clients from the region with their IP needs. 

It’s anticipated that the Littlewoods development will create around 4000 full-time equivalent jobs in the region’s creative sector.


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