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New Fuel? Ammonia comes into focus..

My colleague, Robbie Gauld, identified in his insight from 15th November that Magnolia Tovar (Global Director of Zero-Carbon Fuels, Clean Air Task Force) had recently explained that the transport of ammonia, rather than pure hydrogen, may offer a cheaper pathway for transporting hydrogen molecules, but only if the ammonia is used as a final product and not cracked back to hydrogen. I wholeheartedly agree. However, while pure ammonia burning engines are in development, a compromise solution has been developed by Sunborne Systems - a spin out of Reaction Engines

As reported in The Engineer in October, they have developed an ammonia reactor in which a blend of hydrogen, nitrogen and uncracked ammonia is used as the fuel. This blend can be created from stored liquid ammonia and their tests have included powering a 56kW (75bhp) engine, i.e. the type of engine found in small vehicles or mobile generator units.

We can expect to see many more ammonia fueled solutions in the future as the world seeks more alternatives to petrol and diesel in the race for net zero!

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“This test confirms that our technology operates at an already relevant scale with existing engine architectures. It is also a technology that asserts that we do not need to turn our backs on the existing two billion internal combustion engines, hundreds of thousands of gas turbines and gigawatts of industrial burners worldwide. With around forty million tons of existing global ammonia excess capacity, our technology can immediately help make worldwide inroads into the transition to zero-carbon emissions in the transport and power sectors.”


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