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Marks & Clerk in the news: A look back at technological innovations in offshore power

As Offshore Europe prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, it's fascinating to reflect on the technological advancements in offshore wind power since the inception of the event in 1973 . 

To gain insight into the challenges faced by the pioneers of offshore wind power, Patent Attorney Robbie Gauld turns to a selection of wind power patents filed from 1973 onwards in our latest article in Energy Central. These patents offer a glimpse into the industry's past and shed light on the problems inventors sought to overcome.

Looking back, it's clear that the ingenuity and determination of inventors have played a crucial role in advancing offshore wind power. These innovations have not only increased the efficiency and reliability of wind turbines but also made them more economically viable, contributing to the industry's remarkable growth.

We look forward to learning more about the latest developments in offshore wind at this year's event next month! 

With Offshore Europe getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary event, we take a look at some of the technological innovations in offshore wind power since Offshore Europe's inaugural event in 1973 - then known as Offshore Scotland. Selecting a series of wind power patents filed from 1973 onwards, we briefly consider the problems the inventors of these patents sought to overcome at the time of devising their inventions, providing a glimpse into some of the industry problems of the past.


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