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AI research discovers new antibiotic

A really interesting article highlighting the potential of AI for drug discovery. The article describes how an AI model was used to provide a shortlist of compounds focused on attacking an antibiotic resistant bacteria, Acinetobacter baumannii. Testing in the lab then showed that one of these was able to kill the bacteria samples. 

The use of AI in this field has the potential to massively increase the speed and reduce the cost of drug discovery research, and it is great to see results like this being published. 

Our yearly report looking at AI patent filing trends in Europe has consistently found Life & Medical Sciences to be technology sector accounting for the largest number of filings, and the benefits of AI in this space are still being fully explored. Our report this year will also look in more depth at the Med-Tech space, and dig into some of the filing trends for drug discovery technologies - watch this space!

The AI helped narrow down thousands of potential chemicals to a handful that could be tested in the laboratory. The result was a potent, experimental antibiotic called abaucin, which will need further tests before being used. The researchers in Canada and the US say AI has the power to massively accelerate the discovery of new drugs.


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