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Prada & Adidas in a league of their own with new football boot collaboration

Another great example of luxury and active wear brands collaborating to increase the functionality of their products & reach new markets. This new collaboration combines Prada's luxury materials and design details with Adidas' high-performance football technologies. Which fashion house will be next? As with any collaboration, there are plenty of IP implications to consider as discussed in my article here

The collection, called "Adidas Football for Prada", reimagines three Adidas products – the Copa Pure, the X Crazyfast and the Predator Accuracy. The two companies combined Prada's luxury materials and design details including red iconography of Linea Rossa [Prada's sportswear-inspired line, where outerwear items feature a red rubber strip] with Adidas' high-performance football technologies. The full-leather Copa Pure features a silver leather upper, synonymous with Prada and a leather lace cover. The X Crazyfast will see the original silhouette reinvented with a premium leather, while maintaining the lightweight structure. The Predator Accuracy has been reimagined with a nubuck [a soft and durable luxury leather] finish for the first time, wrapped in Adidas' Fusion Skin, which is a leather treatment that features a seamless and less permeable skin. Each boot in the collection is priced at £500.


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