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Good news for knowledge-based business in Cambridgeshire

This research from Cambridge Ahead, a group that monitors the economic activity of "knowledge-intensive" businesses in Cambridgeshire, makes for heartening reading. Thanks to very committed data-gathering, including physically driving around Cambridgeshire's science and business parks, they've been able to gather data on 90,000 entities in the so-called "Cambridge Cluster" (sometimes called Silicon Fen). The data shows encouraging signs of recovery following the inevitable slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns, with a 17% growth in turnover in 2021-22, and employment continuing to grow even through the pandemic.

Interestingly, the two fastest-growing sectors are life sciences and healthcare on the one hand, and IT and telecoms on the other. That truly shows what a diverse range of research and innovation the Cambridge Cluster hosts, covering the spectrum from physics to biology and beyond! Here at Marks & Clerk's Cambridge office we're delighted to participate in this thriving ecosystem by helping local inventors and businesses to protect their intellectual property.

Last year, 'knowledge-intensive' businesses in the Cambridge city region saw a 17% increase in their collective turnover, in a spectacular post-COVID rebound. We know this - and lots more besides - thanks to the work of two indefatigable Cambridge researchers who map in minute detail what's going on in the local economy.