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Marks & Clerk's expertise sought by leading industry publication Medtech Innovation

There is no doubt that the UK’s healthcare sector has been under unprecedented pressure in recent times. Whilst recent focus has been on strikes, staffing and pay across the sector, following the upheaval of the COVID pandemic, the vital importance of the sector to the UK economy and the importance of medical technologies was recognised in the launch this year of the UK’s first Medical Technology strategy.

Patent attorney and partner, Tim Hargreaves considers the importance of medical technology and particularly, how the UK’s health sector needs to harness new innovations to boost efficiencies in this great piece for Medtech Innovation below. 

Tim will also be speaking at Med-Tech Innovation Expo on the 7th June at the NEC, Birmingham. His seminar will take place at 2pm on the Med-Tech Innovation Conference Stage.

Register to attend for free on this link.

Regardless of where innovation lies in a medtech company’s products, a vital part of the IP journey is to ensure that the IP strategy of the company supports the commercial strategy, especially as companies grow or priorities changes. Again, if consulted, professional advisers such as patent attorneys can help ensure that cost and time is spent on the most important aspects of a company’s activities and that IP portfolios remain lean and fit-for-purpose.


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