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The role of AI in Agritech

Interesting to see this report looking at the future of agricultural machinery, which highlights the role of AI in this sector. It was particularly encouraging to see a quote from Kit Franklin, principal investigator of the Hands-Free Farm at Harper Adams University, that “Having now seen them, 95% of farmers are positive about autonomous machines”. It is fantastic to see AI technologies being ever more widely adopted in this sector, and the positive results that this can bring for farmers.

In our analysis looking at the trends in European patent filings in the AI space, we have seen a remarkable increase in the number AI patent filings in the Agritech sector in recent years. The AI patent filings in this sector at the moment in Europe are very focused on control systems for autonomous vehicles, and it will be interesting to how further innovations in this area continue to change the farming system in future.

A report incorporating views from leading industry experts has predicted a “data-driven and precision agricultural future” where technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) will play an increasingly important role in farming life.


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