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Enhancing the exerience for online shoppers

After the unprecedented surge in online shopping during the pandemic, brands are working hard to replace the experience of shopping in a "bricks and mortar" store to retain they customer they have acquired. It can be harder to engender brand loyalty through bare online transactions. There are a number of companies emerging that are working with brands to enhance the online retail experience and to replicate certain aspects of shopping in store. In this case the New Look is looking to enhance their communications with their online shoppers including making more curated recommendations for additional items they may be interested in based on their previous shopping history. As the uncertain financial climate continues to put pressure on the already stressed high streets enhanced online experiences are likely to be a key area of growth particularly in the highly competitive fashion industry. 

Fashion retailer New Look has partnered with parcelLab to enhance the post-purchase experiences for its online customers. The partnership will enable New Look to provide proactive messaging and personalised communications from purchase to delivery. According to the retailer, its decision to invest further in the post-purchase experience is part of a wider drive to continue leading in customer centric fashion. Through the partnership, New Look hopes to enhance its relationships with each individual customer by providing greater transparency and more personalised communications.


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