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Desirably designed devices

You might be forgiven for thinking that the rather aesthetically appealing products in this image are stylish stereo systems, or even modern art installations - but they are actually 3D Printers. The FSC sustainable bamboo side panels are not just attractive; they have been carefully selected to absorb vibration, producing a better printed product. 

And since 3D Printers are increasingly affordable for the domestic market, it is great to see that these devices from Construct3D are not only fast and reliable (according to WMG at Warwick University) but also beautifully eye-catching - in fact, these printers are already covered by a Community Registered Design, which protects the appearance of a product, rather than its technical function.

Registered Designs can be fast and relatively inexpensive to obtain, and of course can be used alongside patents to protect your intellectual property.


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