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| 1 minute read

Top 100 innovators in the global energy transition

Reuters just released their top 100 innovators in the global energy transition. The report is a reflection of the technological innovation required to transition the energy supply mix from conventional to renewable sources. 

The list has been divided into ten categories: digital solutions, decarbonisation, wind power, just transition, collaboration and partnerships, hydrogen, carbon capture, novel technology, green finance, and energy storage. The categories reflect the breadth of innovation on display across seemingly disparate sectors. Companies such as Hitachi that are exploring renewably powered manufacturing, Octopus Energy which developed the Kraken Flex cloud-based platform for controlling distributed energy assets with machine learning to match supply and demand, Ming Yang which unveiled the world's largest offshore wind turbine, and Equinor that is building the hydrogen production plant H2H Saltend are excellent examples of innovators who are developing and deploying innovative technology.

For a global report, it is encouraging to see the number of UK organisations highlighted. Groups such as the Net Zero Technology Centre based in Aberdeen, Scotwind in Scotland and the Energy Systems Catapult were all mentioned for their roles in developing and deploying technology. 

While the report celebrates the progress made, it is noted the window for meaningful climate action is closing. Putting a spotlight on these innovators will hopefully accelerate the transition, not just for the UK, but around the world.

Unlocking clean technology is the key to the global energy transition, and the energy sector has no shortage of innovators: the pace and scale of developing energy technology is impressive.


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