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Funding for tackling climate change - The GFIL Fund

Cranfield University is working in partnership with Green Future Investments Limited (GFIL) to provide financial, technical and business support to students, innovators and entrepreneurs working towards tackling climate change. This offering includes access to both funding and technical expertise, including access to their labs and test facilities where appropriate. 

The offering is split into various schemes:

A first - the Future Frontiers Fund, is intended to include investments of up to £10k to help with initial concept testing, and the window for applications for this scheme closes on 19 January 2023;

A second - the Technology Accelerator Fund, is intended for 6 projects that each "directly addresses the challenges raised by the climate emergency, and/or reduces human impacts on the natural environment". This fund is for up to £50k. The window for applications for this scheme closes on 19 January 2023

A third - the Green Future Entrepreneurship Fund, has three elements: the Green Seed Fund (£20-50k); the Ready for Net Zero Growth programme scholarships; and Student Entrepreneurship Prizes . The window for applications for these closes on 20 January 2023.

Finally, they are also offering Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarships for existing students (£20k to cover tuition and maintenance fees).

More information for each of these schemes is available from Cranfield's website below.

Thank you to the Institute of Agricultural Engineers (iAgrE) for bringing these new funding streams to my attention. Best of luck to all applicants.

Addressing climate change is an urgent challenge, but one that creates opportunities for growth, collaboration, and new partnerships.


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