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Transport Research and Innovation Grants 2022 (TRIG 2022) now open to applicants

Today (13th December), Connected Places Catapult opened TRIG 2022 to applicants. The deadline for applications is 23:59 on 15 January 2023. This is an opportunity to be given a share of an £1.85 million fund for the development of new technology in the transport sector. 

Since 2014, TRIG has awarded £10.3m to 294 innovation projects. Be part of the latest round of funding, and take your project to the next level.

As with any new project, securing your IP is critically important. We can provide initial advice or opinions on the patentability of your ideas, or on the registrability of the design of the products themselves, or even likely risks to you if you are aware of, or need to find, third party IP. We are also ready to provide any assistance required with protecting your branding or project names with trademarks.

Time is short to gain access to this grant funding from the Connected Places Catapult, so please be sure to reach out to them at and get your application in on time.

Start-ups to be given a share of an £1.85 million fund to help create a better transport system.


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