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Marks & Clerk's Managing Partner for Europe featured in Bloomberg Law

Last month, it was announced that the doors to the UPC will hopefully open on 1st April 2023. Simon Mounteney, Managing Partner (Europe) has spoken to Bloomberg about the steps that current and prospective patent owners need to start thinking about now to protect their portfolios. 

While much remains unclear, the much-anticipated package is set to transform the way that patents are handled for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, Marks & Clerk has launched a series of 9 bitesize videos to help patent owners navigate this new landscape within intellectual property. All the videos have been uploaded to our UPC resource library.

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The EU’s Unified Patent Court, designed to efficiently resolve patent disputes in one place, is expected to begin work in the spring. Simon Mounteney, a patent attorney at Marks & Clerk, discusses the upcoming changes and challenges, how firms can opt out of the system, and the global impact the court will have.


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