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What's next for Wylfa?

Having driven across Anglesey, North Wales many times to get to Holyhead for a sailing across to Ireland, and appreciating the potential of the landscape to contribute to the UK's green energy offerings, it was heartening to read this article about the possible investment by Rolls Royce SMR Ltd in the coastal location, Wylfa. The other location being considered for investment is also in the North-West of England - Cumbria - another place that clearly has huge potential for implementation of our green energy strategy.  

Small Module Reactor (SMR) technology is being developed by Rolls Royce to enable roll-out of a number of mini-nuclear plants in the UK. It is reported that such an SMR power station would be able to generate 470 MW of low carbon energy (equivalent to more than 150 onshore wind turbines). Protection of intellectual property arising from such technological advancements (which Rolls Royce is very good at!) is an important consideration for companies of all sizes researching and developing in this space.    

These are exciting times on the road to our greener future; I look forward to seeing an increase in the number of patent applications being filed (especially in G21C) and more generally how these proposals come to fruition.

“The existing grid connection, infrastructure and access to a highly skilled workforce are some of the main reasons Rolls-Royce SMR sees these locations as the fastest route to deploy our power stations and begin to provide the UK with clean, affordable and sustainable electricity for generations to come.”


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