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NZTC launches new competition for net zero tech

Earlier this week, the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) announced the launch of a new competition which aims to develop and deploy technologies directed to the reduction of offshore emissions and accelerate clean energy production.

The first competition opens on 16 March, with each successful project being awarded up to £1 million to develop and deploy their tech.

Open to businesses from across the World, the first competition focuses on 7 key areas, namely: carbon capture; utilisation and storage (CCUS); hydrogen and clean fuels; renewables and energy storage; zero emissions power; venting and flaring; integrity management; and late life and decommissioning.

A second competition, with a focus on digital and data architecture, smart assets and field automation, is set to launch later in 2022.

Myrtle Dawes, Solution Centre Director, Net Zero Technology Centre commented: “The launch of the 2022 Open Innovation Programme marks an update to our funding model, moving from an open call for ideas to two funding competition windows with specific technology focus areas.”


energy & environment, climate change