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It pays to choose a patent strategy that fits your objective

Venturefest Oxford returns on 25th November 2021 and we are once again excited to be supporting the event.

For those taking part - and as all start-ups will know - there’s plenty to think about when setting up a new business! Amongst these, getting your IP properly protected from the outset can be vital to future success – including securing investment to grow.

Investors will almost certainly place much greater value on granted rights than pending applications, and will also place different values on patents in different jurisdictions. If a company is able to take a two or three year view of their IP budget, serious consideration should be given to adopting a strategy that will result in early granted rights in those jurisdictions that will present the greatest investment value. For example, it is not uncommon for investors to place great importance on granted US patents, especially when those investors are based in the US!

Every business is different: the important thing is to find the IP strategy that matches your objectives and budget.

A well thought out strategy at the outset is invaluable, whichever route one decides to take.  This strategy should be determined based on the ultimate objectives and the stages in reaching those objectives. 


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