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M&C in the news: Finfluencers and the FCA: protecting brand intellectual property

Influencers can now be found in every facet of consumer product marketing, and, as social media has become an ingrained part of daily life, influencer channels have never been more prolific, nor accessible. However, this increased reach and influence has prompted growing concerns about the vulnerability of audiences and the potential for dubious advertising practices. 

In a recent piece for The Trademark Lawyer, Mike Shaw discusses concerns surrounding visibility as influencers move into the financial spheres (where they are termed ‘finfluencers’), the regulations the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are implementing to combat misleading marketing practices, and the potential business risks of partnering with influencers. 

Mike's full article can be found below.

There is growing concern around finfluencers promoting financial services and products without informing audiences of the sponsored nature of the post, which usually leaves no room for discussion of the dangers of such products, and the implications of such malpractice can be severe for trusting audiences.


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