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A new type of flexible battery for wearable tech? When old becomes new.

As a (very average) triathlete, I am guilty of owning a few wearable gadgets to track my (mediocre) progress. One area where I have noticed huge improvements in recent years, if not in my average race pace, is in the battery life of an average smart watch. This article discusses a possible new concept for batteries in wearable devices, moving away from the ubiquitous lithium-ion type. I have no idea if it will take off, but I like the approach - taking something that we think we know as belonging in the past (aqueous electrolyte-based batteries) and re-inventing it in a completely different form to generate improvements. In other words, breaking the barriers against technological prejudice.

Testing of the prototype self-healing battery showed it exhibited excellent energy density, power density, cycle life, flexibility, and self-healing


chemistry, energy & environment, medical technologies