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M&C in the news: Hi Barbie! What can the F&B industry learn from Heinz’ summer brand deal?

Riding the wave of last summer's Barbie craze, Heinz has launched a limited-edition Barbiecue sauce. As Barbie herself turns 65 this year, the food processing giant is capitalising on the buzz generated by the Barbie brand and the associated consumer awareness and demand. 

The huge marketing campaign conducted by Mattel for last year's movie included licenced partnerships with other well-known brands, and the buzz also presented an opportunity for third-party businesses to piggyback on the attention the movie generated.

But what can the food and beverage industry learn from Heinz's collaboration with Mattel? Gareth Jenkins and Graeme Murray share their insights with the readers of FoodBev Media.

The significance of trademark protection and enforcement considerations are crucial, particularly where consumer preferences constantly evolve and brand loyalty can make or break a product’s success. This is evident when global brands, such as Barbie, extend beyond their traditional toy offerings – exemplified by Heinz’s recent collaboration with Mattel to introduce Barbiecue sauce – which can present significant marketing opportunities, but also underscores the necessity for comprehensive trademark protection strategies.


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