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M&C in the news: Marks & Clerk Hires IP Pro From Wynne-Jones In Birmingham

Last month we were delighted to welcome Martin Hyden back to Marks & Clerk as a partner in our Birmingham office. In this interview with Law360, Martin is joined by the firm's Managing Partner for Europe, Simon Mounteney to discuss the significance of an appointment that further confirms Marks & Clerk’s “place among the top specialist intellectual property outfits globally.”

Martin Hyden brings experience advising a wide range of clients on IP, from startups to multinational companies, both from an in-house standpoint and from working in private practice across the U.K., U.S., Japan and beyond. Mounteney said that Hyden's immersion in different cultures around the world will be valuable not only for the firm's international workload, but also on the ground in Birmingham. It's a special city for Marks & Clerk, Mounteney said. It's where the firm began in 1887, and there's a strong local business community which he wants to keep close. "We want to continue to grow the business and stay connected with the local community"


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