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M&C in the news: Smart clothes: Fashion’s forward-looking lawyers

As fashion brands explore blockchain, AI tools, and NFTs, it is tech-savvy lawyers who steer them in the right direction. Muireann Bolger from leading IP publication World IP Review has spoken to Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, host of our recent fashion podcast series and member of Marks & Clerk's Fashion & Retail group, Robecca Davey to learn more about what fast moving tech means for the fashion industry in her latest IP deep dive.


But as Robecca Davey, chartered trademark attorney and fashion IP expert at Marks & Clerk, explains, brands should tread carefully before deriving too much solace from that outcome, or worse, ignoring the implications of new technology altogether. “It’s almost impossible to know which way the market will turn next; so we really need to arm our clients with all the relevant information,” she explains. “With MetaBirkin, there is potentially a concern that businesses will take too much comfort from that case, and that it offers a false sense of security for brands that may not have protection in the metaverse. “While it’s a fascinating case study, brands must remain diligent. What applies to a fashion powerhouse like Hermes might not be relevant elsewhere.”


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