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Powerbox to the People

We've all been there, maybe you're in a co-working office space, or a coffee shop, or an airport - your laptop is about run out of power but you can't find a plug. Whilst we're used to carrying around portable batteries to re-charge our phones, up to now it has been difficult to find one with enough capacity charge up more power-hungry devices.

Enter, then, furniture designer Herman Miller's new Powerbox concept. The Powerbox is a portable rechargeable battery that stores enough energy to power two laptops. In fact, the Powerbox has enough capacity to power devices that you may have considered to be mains-only, such as display monitors and televisions. 

The aesthetic of the Powerbox and its associated recharging Powertray is simple, angular and industrial. It is capped by a chunky grab-handle, a feature that departs significantly from the look of portable battery packs for mobile phones. If this is the first time such a feature has been used in this field, Herman Miller might be able protect it, for example under a registered design.  

Powerbox was designed by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller as a portable power solution that offers up to 8 hours of charge for a laptop and smartphone


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