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M&C in the news: The UPC is off to a ‘flying start’ but faces critical decision over transparency

It’s been nearly six months since the Unified Patent Court (UPC) opened its doors and, so far, it appears to be riding high. With more than 100 cases filed at the venue to date, the court’s performance—both in terms of attracting and processing cases—has greatly exceeded initial expectations. Yet questions over its transparency have cast a shadow over this early success. As a leading firm with over 70 attorneys with the right to represent our clients in front of the UPC, we were delighted to be asked to contribute to this latest piece from leading IP publication, World IP Review. Thomas Prock's insights can be found below and further details about our UPC expertise can be found here

As Thomas Prock, patent attorney, partner and UPC representative at Marks & Clerk, points out: “Access to documents has long been a controversial issue, even before the UPC was established”. “Given the high level of interest in this topic, not least from professionals wanting to understand how the new courts work, it is not surprising that the Court of Appeal is getting involved early on,” says Prock.


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