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Nanomedicine: a retrospective and a glimpse into the future - Marks & Clerk content published by European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Scientists are exploring multifunctional nanoparticles capable of simultaneously delivering drugs, imaging diseased tissues, and monitoring therapeutic responses. The history of nanomedicine showcases the remarkable progress made in merging nanotechnology with medicine. Such symbiosis continues today – as evidenced in the recent NanoMed Europe 2023 conference - with exciting developments in this broad field being presented.

Aimee Cawley’s

latest piece, that reflects on the state of innovation in nanomedicine following the NanoMed Europe 2023 conference, has been published by European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (EPM.)

It is clear that the realm of nanomedicine offers new opportunities and solutions for diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases at the cellular and molecular levels. By harnessing the unique properties of nanoscale materials and devices, nanomedicine has begun to revolutionise healthcare by providing targeted therapies, enhanced diagnostics, and improved patient outcomes.


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