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Marks & Clerk commentary on AI featured in top publication for the European start-up community, Sifted

Earlier this month, the EU provisionally granted proposals for new copyright laws for generative AI models, marking a global first if the bill becomes law. If approved, this legislation will mandate the disclosure of copyrighted materials for companies designing AI models like GPT-4. This move aims to promote transparency and accountability while advancing the field of artificial intelligence. 

As with so many developments within AI, this is unchartered but fast moving territory so we were delighted to contribute to the debate. Click below for commentary provided by Simon Portman

Simon Portman, commercial intellectual property lawyer at Marks & Clerk law firm in London, tells Sifted that writers have similar grounds for legal complaint as visual artists. “I think there's going to be a challenge in the same way [visual] artists are complaining about AI generation,” he says.


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