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Marks & Clerk expert commentary on the latest Ed Sheeran case featured in global news

Earlier this week we were invited to give our views on the latest Ed Sheeran case to media outlets including This is Money, New York Folk and the Daily Mail. This time the singer faces a 100 million copyright trial in which he is accused of ripping off Marvin Gaye's soul classic Let's Get It On. 

We look forward to seeing how the trial evolves over the coming days!

Mike Gilbert, partner and copyright infringement expert at Marks & Clerk, told the trial had possible implications for future cases. He said: 'Despite his clear victory in the English courts when faced with similar allegations from Chokri of copying harmonic progressions in Shape of You last year, Ed Sheeran will again be facing accusations of thematic copying but this time in the US justice system. 'Many had hoped that the earlier trial in the UK will have drawn a clear line in the sand for artists considering bringing similar claims to court. 'Over recent years, a growing number of these kinds of copyright infringement cases have reached the court and the decision in the Chokri trial ought to have sent a clear signal that should deter future claimants.'


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