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How startups can protect their IP: 8 tips from a patent attorney - advice from Marks & Clerk featured in leading tech publication, TNW

Following the successful launch of The IP Driven Start-up earlier this month, author and M&C partner, Robert Lind was asked to share his advice for start-ups with the readers of leading tech publication, TNW.

The interview has been distilled into 8 helpful tips to help business owners protect - and monetise - their intellectual property. Please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing, or via our website, if you would like to know more.

For tech startups, the most valuable assets are often invisible.  While businesses were traditionally built on physical resources, the contemporary economy is increasingly driven by intangibles. The chip firm Arm, earned a $40 billion valuation and a reputation as the UK’s leading tech company — despite never manufacturing a single chip. Instead, the company designs the processor architecture that’s used in countless devices. This intellectual property-based business model has transformed stock markets. In 1985, under a third of all assets in the S&P 500 were classed as intangible by 2020, that proportion had risen to around 90%. Startups, however, can overlook IP protection in their initial plans. According to Robert Lind, a patent attorney at IP firm Marks & Clerk, they’re taking a major risk. Lind recently wrote an e-book on how to protect and monetize their intellectual property.


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