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EPO's Young Inventors prize 2022

One of the winners of the EPO's Young Inventors prize 2022 is Erin Smith. Erin has developed FacePrint, an AI-powered application that records facial expressions and uses computer vision to accurately detect minute indicators of early-onset Parkinson's. Further details can be found on the EPO's website, here.

This is a great story and highlights the importance AI can play in the medical field. Indeed, as noted in our AI Report 2022, the technology sector having the highest number of AI patents published over the last 21 years is the Life & Medical Science sector, at 15% of all AI applications filed. 

Congratulations Erin Smith!

Erin Smith's curiosity and determination from a very early age have enabled her to not only uncover new insight into the early symptoms of Parkinson's disease but also turn this into a practical tool for early diagnosis.


artificial intelligence, medical technologies
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